Quality care begins with qualified committed staff, and we're fortunate at Lifecycle Kids to have among the best anywhere. With competitive pay and benefits including health, education, paid vacation and reduced childcare rates, we are proud to employ excellent and professional teachers and staff.



Kitchen Manager


Lifecycle Kids is hiring for a kitchen Manager. This position is responsible for kitchen and cafeteria prep work, cooking and cleaning as assigned by the director. Duties include meal and snack preparation and cooking, food portioning and serving, food storage, kitchen and cafeteria cleaning, dish washing, food stocking and inventory and other duties as assigned.


Job Specifics:

This position will perform washing, peeling, chopping, cutting, measuring and cooking of food stuffs in the preparation of breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for 50-80 people each meal period. This person must be able to follow instructions and recipes and communicate any problems that they may encounter. This position will at times need to prepare the entire meal and at other times, prepare components. Meals must be ready at set times for children to eat. This position must follow set USDA food guidelines for early childhood education.


This position will be responsible for setting up the cafeteria for each meal and cleaning the cafeteria after each meal. This will include rinsing and washing dishes in accordance with the licensing guidelines required for daycare facilities. This person will maintain the necessary sanitary conditions in the kitchen and cafeteria, being familiar with safe food handling requirements.


This position is responsible for tracking inventory and informing director when items are in need of ordering. 


Job Essentials:

The person in this role must be a minimum of 18 years old, a team player capable moving about the kitchen easily and quickly and to be able to stand for long periods of time. There is a need for frequent squatting and kneeling when cleaning the cafeteria and kitchen as well as when putting food and equipment into cupboards. This person will be required to stand on step stools to reach overhead for supplies stored in cupboards. This position may be required to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.


It is essential for the person in this position to possess sufficient language skills to understand the tasks at hand, follow both written and verbal directions and communicate any problems; to be able to lift, unload and move food and supplies; to be able to lift dishes and portable appliances to storage location; use kitchen equipment safely and work in a fast paced environment. This person will be required to walk between the two centers properly transporting food and supplies when needed. The person in the position must possess knowledge of general kitchen operations including safe food handling, portioning and the use and care of basic kitchen equipment and utensils. Scheduled hours will be between 7:15am and 3:15 pm Monday through Friday.


Interested candidates should complete this job application and return to karen@lifecyclekids.com.






Lifecycle Kids, LLC is expanding and hiring full-time teachers to work at our child care and enrichment center located in Mazomanie. Join our team of caring and supportive people who are committed to high quality care and education for our children.


Candidates for teacher positions must be at least 18 years of age, have two years post-high school education with at least six credits in child-related course work or have previously earned a bachelor degree. Applicants should be dedicated to high quality early childhood education and have achieved a registry level of 9 or higher.


The ideal candidate should understand and align themselves with our philosophy which focuses on good nutrition and appropriate and adequate activity in a creative and nurturing environment being the basis of a healthy child. Knowledge of WMELS (WI Model Early Learning Standards), CPR/AED training, a degree in Early Childhood Education and ability to speak Spanish is preferred.


Childcare staff must be able to collaborate on and create, creative and explorative learning activities that are developmentally appropriate for children in their care. Childcare staff is expected to demonstrate positive role modeling, foster quality relationships between the children, staff and families and overall enrich the lives of our children. Teachers implement activities, prepare for the activities, read stories, sing songs, assess development and engage with the children.


Starting wages for Teacher positions is determined by the candidate's education level and experience. Lifecycle Kids offers great benefits including health and dental insurance, retirement accounts, paid vacation and sick leave, participation in the TEACH scholarship program and other paid trainings.


Lifecycle Kids, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, creed or religion, national origin, ancestry, political persuasion, veterans' status, or disability in administration of its admission, education, employment and programming policies and practices.


Interested candidates should send their resume to Karen@LifecycleKids.com.