Our center is located in two buildings in historic downtown Mazomanie. With five classrooms, a dedicated school-age center, a full kitchen and eating area, two outside play yards, and a large indoor gym, we're able to offer exciting activities and engaging curriculum for every age we serve.



Rutabaga Room (4 weeks to 12 months)


Focusing on sensory activities, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for our infants. Every day includes stories, music, dance, large motor movements and other sensory activities. Infants remain on their own sleeping and eating schedules and join activities when they are able. Staffed by two full-time teachers and one assistant, all with special infant/toddler training, our infants are well-attended to as they learn how to share and explore. Our infants also get introduced to a wide variety of nutritious foods prepared on-site and served in their room, where self-feeding is encouraged.





Our Persimmon Room (2 year olds)


With an engaging curriculum designed for active and two year-olds, our little ones enjoy a structured day of crafts, in and outdoor play as well as nutritious meals and enriching learning activities.





Our Artichoke Room (3 year olds)


With an engaging curriculum designed for three year-olds, our toddlers spend their day in a balance of ample free play time intermixed with structured play, story time, making crafts and learning shapes, colors and self-help skills such as putting on socks and shoes, using an open cup, zipping their jackets and using the toilet. Our dedicated teachers and assistants ensure a low-ratio and lots of time and attention, connecting with the wonderful little personalities that make this room fun.





Prickly Pear Room (ages 3 to 5)


Our three to five year olds have a large room filled with books, educational toys and craft supplies for plenty of exploring and creating. We begin to add more structure to the day with a longer story time, more involved projects and group activities and one-on-one teacher time to ensure developmental goals are addressed. We encourage cooperative play and teach children how to resolve differences together. Additionally, we have weekly music, math and science activities as well as work on pre-academic skills such as letter identification, line drawing, counting and sequencing. Children are also allowed plenty of time for free play and self-expression.





Kohlrabi Room (ages 6 to 12)


Our after-school program is designed to give our kids safe and educational place to spend the remainder of their day after school. With busses picking up and dropping off directly in front of our center, our kids spend plenty of time in indoor and outdoor games and activities, having nutritious snacks, and getting help with their homework. During the summer, we offer full day care with weekly themes in a camp-like environment. We do daily language and math activities to keep school skills sharp, play educational games, explore sciences and nature and continue to have free play both indoors and outside.





Indoor and Outdoor activity spaces


Our center has two large play yards, one for children under 3, and one for our pre-school and school age children. Age-appropriate toys and activities allow for both teacher-led and free play. We also have a huge indoor gym where we have open play time, tumbling, hold classes and ensure - regardless of the weather - that our kids are able to be active and explore their environment.



Call our director Karen at 795-2444 to schedule a tour or find out more!