The whole-child approach


We encourage and support children as they discover their emotions and learn how to navigate them in a healthy way. We celebrate our children's uniqueness and how that adds to our center and help children develop their own sense of self and how to build self respect. We develop the whole child by challenging them intellectually and physically while providing the social and emotional support they need. 





Healthy food and nutrition at every meal


We believe a healthy child starts with the basics of good nutrition, appropriate and adequate activity and a creative and nurturing environment where children can explore, learn and grow. Included in our prices are custom-designed meals using whole foods, crafted by our owner, a registered dietitian nutritionist. We have created on-site, child-friendly gardens where we grow some of our food without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Our gardens are learning gardens, where children and their families are involved in every step of the growing process. The children help select the vegetables we grow each year, selecting a new vegetable they have not tried before. We also accommodate food allergies and will work closely with you to serve the best foods for your child's growth.





Solid curriculum and enriching activities


Our theme-based curriculum provides an appropritae balance of structured activity and free play where children are encouraged to be creative, explore and develop vital social skills learned through the act of playing. We partner with local programs and providers to bring the best growth opportunities to our Lifecycle kids. Your child will not only benefit from the education and experience of our professionally-trained staff, they'll be exposed the best our region has to offer. From a regular offering of KinderMusik and dance to making cheese and ice cream to weekly walks and field trips and assisting with homework, our programs are designed to develop the whole child at the particular stage of life they're in.


In addition to being a state-licensed and inspected facility, we are also a YoungStar four-star program, meeting the rigorous qualifications that show we offer engaging, one-on-one activities and safe, healthy and nurturing learning environments for a better chance at lifelong success.





Caring and qualified teachers and staff


Lifecycle Kids is run by experienced and knowledgeable childcare providers. Our staff are not baby-sitters, but trained and skilled early childhood education professionals. The needs of you and your child are our first priority. All teaching staff meets state-licensing credentials, and three of our four classrooms have teachers with early childhood or child development education degrees. Our staff to student ratios are often below state requirements. Each classroom has consistent teachers who build relationships with each of their children, creating an environment of trust, support and stability.



At Lifecycle Kids, we have created a safe, educational environment that allows us to move at a child's pace; a place where children are respected for their individuality and encouraged to embrace the similarities and differences in their classmates.

Call our director Karen at 795-2444 to schedule a tour or find out more!